Monday, December 27, 2021


This track was mostly done in LMMS, which has been my fix for electronic music sounds ever since I started making music. Something new that I've started enjoying, though, are the ZynAddSubFX presets. I'm not super interested in making my own patches, so it's awesome to have so many useful sounds ready to plug in and play, so-to-speak. In Alignment, the Rhodes Space2 preset features as the main arpeggio and chordal sound, while my own BitInvader patch holds down the low end.

I think with this track I have officially done quartal harmony to death. It's my go-to for a static, almost-minor sound for a reason, but I tend to gravitate to the same patterns every time I go quartal. I'll give myself a pass because I like this tune, but next time I'm likely to go quintal or modal. I liked the pairing of the quartal harmony with a whole tone scale bassline, despite the fact that there are no perfect fourths in the whole tone scale. In that way, you could see the bassline from this track as a continuation of the ideas in my Whole Tone Power Chords video from way back.

Drum sounds come courtesy of my high school drumset samples, and a couple LMMS built in samples as well. The guitar swells and solo were done on my Fender Telecaster Deluxe.

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