Wednesday, November 17, 2021


For the past few years, Piano Phase has been my favorite music to fall asleep to. It's also been the piece that I play for myself to help calm down my mind when I need to. It's amazing to me how much complexity can come from such a simple process and a single phrase of music.

So of course, I had to write a piece with a similar vibe while also using a completely different process that's more well suited to my style. Even so, I had to bust out quite a few new production tricks to get Infix sounding the way it does. This piece is a prototype; it's the result of me dipping my toes into the water of minimalism and ambient music without really committing to the process. I wanted to know if this is a style of music I could put more work into, and I think I can.

For Infix, I created a few different phrases roughly in the key of C, with varying speeds and lengths. I showed particular preference to odd numbered groupings, to make sure nothing would quite line up perfectly. Occasionally I threw in a drone, usually playing a not other than the root to provide a little bit of a different color. The point isn't to bombard the listener with C major the whole time, but rather to explore the ways different notes behave together without functional harmony there to set the rules.

Infix was written in LMMS using a lot of automation tracks.

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